Protecting The Environment

The practice by individuals, organizations and governments to protect the natural environment is referred to as environmental protection. The biophysical environment is degraded due to the pressures of overconsumption, population growth and technology, and sometimes permanently. The damage to our environment stalks from our consumption viz. how much we consume, what we consume and how often we consume. Inappropriately, we all are not good stewards to the Earth over the years.

We all need to be proactive towards cleaner living habits in protecting our environment and to preserve our planet for future generations.

We are all consumers to food, water, clothing, cars, furniture, electronics, gas, knick-knacks or other goods. However, we start being mindful of our consumption habits as to how each purchase or action affects the ecosystem. It’s not too difficult, inconvenient or expensive to become environment-friendly by adapting to the few behavioural modifications, to protect the environment. Suggested are:

Consume less, Buy local, Compost, Use fewer chemicals, Choose reusable over single-use, Carpool, bike or walk, Use your purchasing power for good, Upcycle more, Recycle properly, Shop secondhand, Conserve electricity, Use less water, Recycle properly etc.,



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