Environmental Quality

To prevent diseases and other health issues, an environment free of vulnerabilities viz. allergens, carbon monoxide, lead, secondhand smoke, and toxic chemicals is vital. Any poor quality, in the environment, will impact the people who are already at risk of their health. To improve the health, monitoring pollution levels and exposures, building environments that support healthy lifestyles, Implementing and enforcing environmental standards and regulations, and considering the risks of pollution in decision-making can improve the quality of life.

We have the expertise and competence in environmental compliance, environmental consulting, remediation, and construction services to various sectors, viz. corporate, and government. We provide a robust approach to all aspects of air quality, chemical reporting, compliance outsourcing, industrial hygiene, stack testing, waste management, water quality management, and other EHS services. We execute environmental remediation and construction projects for government and corporate clients, including projects with complex scopes of work and challenging contaminated waste streams.

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