Renewable Source

Renewable energy refers to the provision of energy through renewable resources viz. solar energy which is naturally replenished fast.

Weald is a green consulting company and covers all the aspects of a solar energy project from site inspection to installation and commissioning including budgeting, detailed project designing, procurement of materials and delivery. The infrastructure used for the solar plant is of the highest quality which enables to withstand the extremities of the weather.

We provide customized solutions for every situation as per the client’s requirement. The projects are executed by competent engineers who are experienced and knowledgeable in the related domain within the committed period flawlessly, much to the customers’ delight. For every minute material that forms part of the equipment, we have operational agreements with multiple supplies enabling us to render customized solutions of solar energy, viz. solar street lights, solar water heaters, solar pumps that are not only cost-effective but also lasts long

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